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Are You House Hunting in Victoria, BC? It’s Time to Make Your Move Now!

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While the past two years have been tough for just about everybody not named Jeff Bezos or Fred Wal Mart, it’s taught us a valuable lesson about the years to come. Specifically, life is unpredictable, and your fortunes can change at the drop of a dime.

So–you may as well spend your time living in a country and province most conducive to your long-term well-being and happiness.

It might seem like we’re stating the obvious. And although the above notions are universal truths that we all know deep down, we don’t all necessarily live by those philosophies. We instead lie in wait, often too tentative, to take the next step in our lives, hoping that skies will be bluer and bank accounts will be fatter down the road.

Plus, even if you’ve scrimped and saved and put in the legwork to purchase a new home, ask yourself, how big are you really dreaming?

Because you might be selling your dreams short. Fear of the unknown regularly leads homebuyers to search for real estate without leaving their comfort zone. But there’s so much more out there than your current city, town, or state. 

Now is the time to follow your wildest fantasies and seek to live somewhere famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and incredible culture. Specifically, now is the time to purchase real estate in Victoria, BC.

By searching for Victoria real estate listings, you’re opening yourself up to the chance of living in the capital of Canada’s most gorgeous province (British Columbia). And by making the decision to live in one of the world’s finest cities, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity for a fulfilled, enriching quality of life.

A Little Bit About Victoria, BC

 Victoria is held in high esteem in the following categories:





     Real Estate

 In fact, this city, located on Vancouver Island’s southern tip, is considered one of the top places to work, retire, and live in all of Canada.

 With a welcoming climate, majestic scenery, exceptional living standards, and competitive wages, you’d be hard-pressed not to purchase real estate in Victoria, BC, once you get the itch. 

Why Living in Victoria, BC, is the Best Choice You’ll Ever Make?

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Here’s more of a deep dive into why you should be looking seriously into Victoria real estate listings.

 Plenty of Opportunities for Employment

 By purchasing real estate in Victoria, BC, you’ll find plenty of employment opportunities in the following areas:


     Provincial and federal jobs

     Naval work at CFB Esquimalt

     Emerging business sector

Furthermore, Victoria continues growing its reputation as an agricultural, forestry, and marine research center. And, in general, employment throughout British Columbia in recent times has shot well above pre-pandemic rates.

And as of June 2021, Victoria employed 212,200 people versus 194,200 in 2019, prior to the pandemic.

Jaw dropping Natural Beauty

Victoria real estate listings will most appeal to people looking to get away from the big city's hustle, bustle, and concrete roads. 

Purchasing real estate in Victoria, BC, means you’ll live somewhere smaller, quieter, stunningly gorgeous, and rich with surrounding natural beauty. 

Now, you might be raising your eyebrow at us describing BC’s capital city like it’s a small cottage town. Because the greater Victoria area boasts a population of 394,000. But don’t let that large number of people deter you. 

Even smack-dab, downtown in Victoria, the Juan de Fuca strait and the nearby Mount Rainier, and the Olympic Mountains in the US offer views that will make you feel at one with nature. You certainly won’t feel like you’re stuck in a concrete jungle. 

Moreover, a jaunt down to the harbor allows you to witness the seaplanes taking flight across the water. It’s a truly captivating visual. 

Purchasing real estate in Victoria, BC, means you’ll be close to ‘Mount Doug.’ You can hike up to the precipice and enjoy the eye-catching views of the Gulf Islands situated between the Canadian Mainland and Vancouver Island, over Victoria itself, and into the USA.

Throughout the island, you’ll enjoy the seemingly endless trails for hiking and cycling, which brings us to the next subsection…

An Amazing Place to Live for Cyclists

Active people, in general, will revel in the favorable climate and incredible terrains of Victoria. But one of the most significant boons of living in the city is the opportunities for cycling.

On the above note, Victoria is the Cycling Capital of Canada, famous for its intricate framework of bicycle paths. Specifically, it’s possible to cycle from the Schwartz Bay ferry down the bike path until you reach downtown Victoria. From there, you can travel into Sooke. You can even cycle to the Gulf Islands or the Cowichan Valley region. 

Not everybody is huge into cycling, and that’s fair. However, living in Victoria gives you a reason to develop a new hobby because of all the exploration opportunities it makes available.

Diverse Wildlife

The wildlife across British Columbia will blow you away, and oceans surrounding Vancouver island more than hold up their end of the bargain. 

Buying a piece of real estate in Victoria, BC, means you have easy access to whale and orca watching. Or, a quick and convenient boat trip allows for some up-north bear spotting near the national park at the Pacific Rim.

Victoria offers more than larger-than-life creatures. Across the island, there are plenty of roaming deer on the streets. The deer are very docile and can often be found grazing on your front lawn–an always welcome sight. 

On those very same southern Victoria streets, you’ll also see peacocks, which live in Beacon Hill Park and come and go at their own leisure.

Welcoming Weather

We’ve brought up the climate several times already, and for a good reason. It’s one of the main attractions for people to purchase Victoria real estate listings. 

The hospitable weather is one of the primary reasons Victoria is an ideal retirement destination for seniors looking for optimal comfort.

The temperate climate in Victoria is characterized by its mild summers that hover around 22 degrees celsius (71.6 Fahrenheit). And temperatures throughout the winter average between 8 to 10 degrees celsius (46.4 to 50 Fahrenheit). 

Now, this is a huge plus for many homeowners seeking a change. You could live deep in the heart of Florida or Texas, where it’s always exceptionally hot. Or you could live in northern Minnesota, where the winter cold freezes your lips together. Either way, Victoria’s moderate, comfortable temperatures offer a welcome reprieve from more extreme climates. 

You won’t have to worry about inclement weather no matter the time of year when purchasing real estate in Victoria, BC. It barely ever snows (and when it does, the snowfall isn’t more than 5cms, and it quickly melts). 

All the same, if you want to enjoy a snowfall (like we all do come at a certain time of the year), it only takes a trip to the north end of the island. 

Seamless Exploring and Travel Opportunities

Provided you aren’t much into flying but want the freedom to leave the island, there are the famous ferries from Victoria. And you can also explore Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands the same way. 

The ferries in BC run through various routes, such as between Vancouver and Victoria. The ferries also travel across the different Gulf islands (e.g., Salt Spring, Galiano) and from Victoria to Seattle (although COVID-19 has made its availability inconsistent). 

Note that these are all RORO ferries, so you can take your car for the trip. 

Also, floatplanes arrive in Victoria from all over. Frequently, there are flights from downtown Vancouver, on top of the international airport, offering seamless two-way flying.

Lush, Imaginative Gardens

Looking for real estate listings in Victoria? Well–if you’re enthusiastic about gardening, you’re looking in the correct place.

Victoria’s temperate climate makes it a hub for gardeners, surpassing all other locations across Canada with its range of available plants. So synonymous with gardening is Victoria, it’s known as “The Garden City,” and famous for its flowers that bloom 365 days per year. 

To the above point, 1,500 hanging baskets (give or take) decorate lamp posts each summer across the City of Victoria. And the highly celebrated Butchart Gardens–around since 1904–is just a 25-minute drive from Victoria’s downtown core. 

Appropriate for All Ages

When it comes to age demographics, Victoria reaches across the spectrum. Whether you’re a retiree, a young professional, or a young family, real estate in Victoria, BC, is ideal.

Recent stats show around 18% of the city’s population being 65-plus, while there’s a 43.1-years-old median age. There are plenty of available activities and opportunities for people, young and old.

We’ve spoken about young families in this subsection–which immediately brings questions about education, leading seamlessly into our next topic:

Top-Notch Education

Young families–particularly moms and dads–will have their ears perk up when they hear about the sky-high educational standards in Victoria. Public/private schools, universities, and colleges are plentiful, and studies show around 72% of the population has some post-secondary education. That’s much higher than the national average.

Also within the province are the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University and Camosun College.

Plenty of Fun in the City

 Victoria sets a high bar with its artistic, historical, and cultural standards.

 With the above statement in mind, here’s a list of what to expect from Victoria:

     Many annual festivals


     Golf clubs

     Yacht clubs

     Ice rinks



     Car race track

     Horse racing track

     Tennis courts

     Fitness centers

Sure–you can get some peace and tranquility by purchasing real estate in Victoria, BC. But you also won’t run out of things to do, offering residents the perfect balance of laid-back vibes and excitement. 

70 city parks can be found across Victoria, such as Beacon Hill Park, known for its majestic vistas across the Juan de Fuca Strait. 

Additionally, the Mile “0” marker for the nearly 5,000 mile Trans-Canada Trail is located in Beacon Hill Park. 

The city's heart can be found in its Inner Harbor, which is absolutely gorgeous. Surrounding the harbor is historic buildings and boat/floatplanes traveling along the waters.

One activity we glanced over was the famous food and dining options across the city–but that’s because it deserves its own subsection…

A Culinary Epicenter

Victoria is second to only San Francisco in North America for having the most restaurants per capita. 

However, more important than the number of restaurants is how utterly and famously delicious the food is. 

Since the climate is temperate, the city is rich with farmer's markets, boasting organic, locally grown food of the highest quality. 

We’d then be remiss to not mention the burgeoning restaurant scene that offers diverse culinary options. The micro-brewery industry is currently booming, while incredible bakers are a famous staple across Victoria. 

Why are bakeries so famous across the city? 

Victoria is the most British city in North America, meaning you can expect an abundance of delicious tea, homemade scones, and local beers.

A Welcoming Community

When people are surrounded by beautiful wildlife, scenic vegetation, eye-catching waterfronts, and delicious restaurants, they’ve plenty of reason to be friendly.

More to the point, the laid-back West Coast philosophies offset the aggravation often pervading cities like New York.

So, purchasing real estate in Victoria, BC, will offer a sense of community and friendship with your neighbors. New residents are welcomed with open arms with long-time town members making you feel at home as soon as you arrive. 

Taking a Closer Look at Real Estate in Victoria, BC

We’ve offered plenty of reasons to purchase real estate in Victoria, BC. But now, we will delve into the market and provide some much-needed insights into the market.

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A General Overview of Real Estate in Victoria, BC

On the whole, British Columbia’s real estate market is expected to remain strong in 2022 after a strong 2021. 

As for Victoria real estate listings, 2021 was unprecedented, with homes selling 3x faster than at any point in recent memory. 

Last year, prices were high, but it’s hoped that 2022 is conducive to a more even-keel market.

For right now, for a single-family residential home in Victoria, you’d be paying–on average between $700,000 to $800,000 Canadian, which is quite affordable in today’s climate.

Who Typically Purchases Homes in Victoria?

You’ll generally find that most buyers in Victoria are Canadian, with only 5% of the market comprised of foreign homebuyers.

Those outside Canada who purchase real estate in Victoria, BC, are generally from Asia or the US, though some Europeans move there too. Typically, these people are buying retirement or second homes.

 Unsurprisingly, buyers are drawn to the following features of Victoria:

     Temperate climates




Not only do these factors make Victoria an amazing place to live, but it’s also ideal as a tourist destination. In other words, your family back in eastern Canada or the US will be more than happy to visit if you take the leap and purchase real estate in Victoria, BC.

Know These Basics About Buying

While there aren’t restrictions on foreign buyers purchasing real estate in Victoria, BC, local financing isn’t easy to get your hands on. 

As such, experts suggest that Americans looking to purchase a property in Canada should obtain funding through a US-based lender. 

Those intending to move from the US to Victoria should hire a local lawyer ASAP. Your local attorney will help with reviewing contracts and ensure due diligence. This includes property inspection and title investigation. 

Note that British Columbia’s land title system is a world-class, leading-edge system heralded for its speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Moreover, entire real estate transactions are completed swiftly, almost as a rule.

Where Are Victoria’s Top-Selling Neighborhoods?

In recent years, Victoria’s top-selling neighborhoods have been Saanich, Victoria, and Langford.

Both Victoria and Saanich offer convenient locations near the core, coupled with more accessible price points than Oak Bay.

Alternatively, Langford is affordable for families if they’re okay with living in the Westshore markets, most known for its parks and amenities.

New Home Construction is in High Demand

There’s been a new surge in demand for new-home construction across Victoria. This has been driven by the desire for young families looking for single-family homes. 

Currently, the number of newly constructed homes can’t supply this growing demand but expect that to change over time. 

Sales prices of new-construction homes typically match resale properties, largely due to the sacrifice in property size. 

We’ll point out that townhomes seem to be the least supplied new builds, although supply is needed everywhere. 

Popular Homes That You’ll Find in Victoria

Here’s a list of the types of architecture you can expect to find in Victoria:

homes in Victoria BC

Tudor Revival

The Tudor Revival style home stands out amongst almost all other types of architecture, comprised of brick or stone exteriors. 

This style really peaked in the 1920s and 1930s as streetcar suburbs led to pitched-roof cottages boasting decorative half-timbering and masonry veneer. 

Generally, a Tudor Revival house can be cottage or mansion-style and possesses an asymmetrical appearance with a steep roof with multiple gables. 

 Edwardian Vernacular

Edwardian homes are often decorated with trellises, cheerful patterns, and built-in furniture. These aren’t very flashy or status-driven homes and are more focused on filling the inside space with light.

 These homes are also known for ornate decorate details such as:

     Floor tiles


     Stained glass

     Large rooms with high ceilings


Craftsman homes have low-pitched roofs with double (or protruding single) gables and overhanging eaves.

Intentionally exposed beams, brackets, and rafters are found on the exterior of Craftsman homes. There are also wide, open front porches perched upon thick tapered columns. 

Additionally, Craftsman homes are–at most-1.5 stories tall, and the home design can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. 


A Foursquare home is between 2 and 2.5 stories, is square in shape, and has four rooms per floor. 

The Foursquare home has a distinctively symmetrical appearance and offers plenty of versatility.

For instance, a living room can take up 50% of the ground floor. Conversely, the kitchen and pantry can be accommodated by the ground floor being extended. 

Typically, the bathrooms have been located on the second floor in these homes.

Why are Foursquare homes so appealing? Well, they’ve always been budget-friendly while offering plenty of space. 

Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

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Whether you’re on the verge of retiring, about to start a new family, or somewhere in between, there’s plenty of life to live.

What better way to spend these precious years than in a place bursting with natural beauty, friendly people, delicious food, and richly diverse culture? That’s what you’ll get by purchasing real estate in Victoria, BC.

Now, we get it. These are uncertain times. The past two years have been hectic and taken us all on a roller coaster ride.

But the lesson these past 24 months have taught us is that you need to follow your dreams and make things happen now because who knows what tomorrow will bring?

The fact is, British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It inspires imagination, and it offers adventure and excitement. Yet, it can be relaxing just the same for those seeking peace and tranquility.

Align with Vancouver Island Experts

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Unsurprisingly, we fully endorse the idea of purchasing your dream property in Victoria. But you shouldn’t jump in head-first without performing your due diligence.

You want to ensure you have the right people on your side, giving you the advice and information that helps you make the best home-buying decision.

This brings us to the Neal Estate Group. We’re the Vancouver Island real estate experts who possess an intricate knowledge and expertise of Victoria real estate listings. The moment you contact us, our goal is to put you in a Victoria home that suits your lifestyle and budget and brings your dream to life.

Contact us today to find out more. We’re looking forward to being part of one of the greatest journeys and the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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